Ten Waterloo Potpourri Cinnamon Spice Oil Scented Bowl and Vase Filler - Holiday and Christmas Decorating

Richards Expo

Color: Red, Brown


  • Large bag of cinnamon spice scented potpourri measures 15 inches x 6 inches and contains 10 ounces of scented potpourri
  • Scented mix contains: pine cones, dried leaves, pods, nuts and blossoms and berries
  • Use this large bag of potpourri as a bowl filler, vase filler, at the base of artificial trees
  • Scented with cinnamon spice in a long lasting infused scent in the potpourri mix
  • Container not included

Details: Potpourri Cinnamon Spice Scented Bowl and Vase Filler for Holiday and Christmas Decorating

UPC: 759992615661

Item Condition: New