24 Inch Cherry Blossom Wreath, Fushia and Pink Blooms, Spring Wreath

Richards Expo

24 Inch Cherry Blossom Wreath, Fushia and Pink Blooms, Spring Wreath. * How To Re-Shape Your Garland or Wreath Like A Pro. Many of our wreaths and garlands will arrive to your home in containers that are smaller than the full size your garland or wreath could be. Arranging and re-shaping of your décor item can let you decide if you like a compact, close together look or a full and spread out look. If you wish for a full and spread out look to achieve a full width measurement lay your item on a flat surface and start in one area of the wreath or at the top of the garland. Gently pull out and straighten the re-shapable wire branches from the base at a 45-90 degree angle. Do this in one direction around the wreath or down the garland making sure to straighten branches not only out to the side but up as well as into the center of the wreath.

  • 24 inch cherry blossom wreath on a wrapped vine base
  • Light and airy update for your front door, over a mantle, as a wall decor accent
  • Wreath is shipped in 18 inch x 18 inch box- product requires shaping of repositionable, bendable wire branches on receipt to achieve the 24" diameter for your decor display- see Pro re-shaping tips below

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